I primarily work one on one with people. I don’t like to use the word mentor, coach, or even guide, since they each can suggest a kind of hierachy in which your mentor, coach or guide might know more about you than you do, and we’ve had enough of that.

I’m an ally whose service is to amplify the unique truth that lives in the depths of your being. I hold  the space in which the wisdom and longings of  your soul  can be welcomed and more clearly heard. I track the themes and patterns that speak of your individual mythopoetry within the larger structure of collective mythopoetry. I especially like to work with dreams  in this way.

We live in a time when we lack a mythic container. I think we each carry a piece of the evolutionary myth that wants to be born in our times.

I’m available at my home in San Francisco, out on the land in the bay area, via phone or skype.

I work one on one with:

  • people in times of transition (what could be called personal apocalypse or times in the liminal between death of an outworn identity and birth of the emergent). Support in opening to the pain and grief of such times as a psychospiritual deepening.
  • artists who are wanting a more authentic and soulful expression of their talents.
  • individuals after a vision fast or other similar ceremony who are wanting support in incorporation.
  • those who are wanting to shed worn-out skins of cultural and personal conditioning.
  • people who want to get their unveiling on and live as apocalyptic mystics.
  • empathy and imagery based engagement with internal and external conflicts.
  • co-creating ceremonies of celebration, lament, rites of passage.

credentials / psychospiritual resume being updated.