all we know comes to us in fragments / crumbs from the table of gods who / may or may not exist.

all we love seeks us in fragments / droplets seeping through cracks /in the crucibles of alchemical experiments / gone awry.

wolf howling in the night / a lover with thirty seconds left /puncture in the crucified hand of Christ: collage bound together / by the sticky glue of ignorance.

concepts are tasted, swallowed / some are bitter, poison

cellular moments emerge / memories of soul selling

a map is painted / meanings slither away

spells give chase / cascading through breath streams

be kind to the words / give them the benefit of the doubt

urged towards the unknown / maybe you can’t come back / drenched in arcane / knowledge

you are baited, hooked /pulled back to the surface / flailing

when the requirements / of consensus reality / fracture / in the rubble /of once upon a time

gems tumble out / suddenly see life

you are struck dumb / and satisfied

you kiss the feet of this moment

you come unglued / identity left behind / in the dust (sacred dust)

a rough mind / divided by / fragments / does not equal / a veil on the face of god.