is it the apocalypse yet?

Within this election there’ve been numerous allusions to the apocalypse, as an expression of things having the potential to become irreversibly fucked up in a way that leads to the end of the world — an idea that humans seem … Continue reading →

from the dream world 11/9/16

  I stayed with this dream when I got up in the dark this morning, and gave myself a few hours of liminal time before finding out the results of the election — With my mind I set fire to … Continue reading →

Donald Trump, antichrist and 666 consciousness

If you google “Is Donald Trump the antichrist?” you will find plenty of web pages suggesting that he is, and I’m not going to go into their kind of depth here, because such questions generally lead to “Yes, he is!” … Continue reading →

who’s the puppet?

Who’s the puppet? “You’re the puppet.” “No, you’re the puppet.” (third presidential debate, 2016). Called a surreal moment, and a childish moment, I’m wondering if it was one of the more truthful moments. Will anyone who is not a puppet … Continue reading →

post-presidential debate musing

Anyone in America who’s ever been mindfucked might be breathing a sigh of relief after the third presidential debate of 2016. That part is over: a collective sigh before whatever comes next. For all of us who have been flashing … Continue reading →