Poem recited with tai chi sword form



and all is set in motion,

as it was in the beginning

with your first breath.


The sky begins

where the earth ends.

Foot touches the earth,

rest of the body moves through sky,

riding the wind in sky cities

built with breath and thought.


Thought builds castles in the sky,

fortresses, Great Walls,

wonders of the world,

concrete with its hard grey flatness.


Breath manifests clouds

alive with phoenixes spreading their wings,

hydras, chimeras, iguanas,

snakes rustling through luxuriant grasses,

gargoyles hatching with harsh cries,

bats and birds flying through primeval forests,

dragons wagging mischievous tails,

tigers to ride if you know how,

wild horses leaping over streams,



A woman asked me:

“Do you love this world?”

The answer, of course, is no.

The answer, of course, is yes.

How could you possibly love this world?

How could you possibly not love this world?


This is the frontier of the apocalypse

where yes and no battle

until the sword shreds the veil

hiding the mystery of the obvious.

Yes and no embrace;

nemesis becomes bride.


At least, that is what the stories say.

That is what the legends say.

But the stories may have been corrupted;

the maps are obscure and easily misinterpreted.

How does one recognize delusion ?

What is its scent, the source of its allure,

the secret of its subtlety ?

What is the essence of its caress?

Can it be slain with a sword ?

Does it bleed ?


Release the mind,

leave no footprints,

Let the harmony of the air

remain undisturbed

by our collective breath.

small rose atom

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