I’m excited about #bridgesnotwalls in the UK. The central discovery I made in my intial inquiry into the various levels of meaning of apocalypse, which was fueled by post-911 political rhetoric, was that a prime directive for humans is to find a sacred consciousness that includes both unity and diversity. I wrote about that extensively  in Individual Psyche, in the Map of the Apocalypse section of this site.

It takes a lot to step beyond the deeply embedded habit of xenophobia. Yet, there are many of us who are horrified by the current US election and right wing turns in Europe and other wars against the Other all over the globe and know that though once upon a time tribal warfare may have been a strategy for safety, at this point in human development, we are all in it together, and the increasing visibility of racism, sexism and xenophobia also brings to greater awareness our moral, human, spiritual imperative to work towards social jusitce and mature past the unsustainable habits of egocentirc demeaning  of others.

In this time of American politics, I’m grateful for the solidarity I find on the net from other countries. Perhaps we are currently divided, not by nationality, but people of conscience and those whose fears still have them thinking that an us/them mindset will keep them safe. Don’t let that turn into another us/them divide. As Eugene Hutz put it, “of course there is no us and them, but them they do not feel the same.”

This is one of our challenges, those of us who want to live as “us” rather than as “us and them” — some of us aren’t aware of being us, but that doesn’t make them enemies. Every person has within them particular gifts, wounds, traumas — their unique story / expression of the collective consciousness. At times our traumas and wounds bump up against each other. I am reminded of the Meitheal Manifesto which states “all are hurt / hurting is catchy” and “Not only are we all hurt, but our hurts all trigger each other’s hurts.” This is important to remember when impatient with the behavior of others.


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