Dreaming the Apocalyptic Tango: A Love Letter from the End of the World

After 9/11,  Armageddon rhetoric ramped up in Western politics, along with dangerous elements contained in the fundamentalist story of Apocalypse / end times / rapture/ global catastrophe that signals salvation for the believers and horror for the rest.

A question arose in my mind and wouldn’t let me go: What gives this “end of the world” idea such tenacious longevity?

Besides the Christian fundamentalist perspective, and the secular version that has the ongoing war of us/them played out until human annihilation and planetwide ecological disaster, could there be mystical and life-supporting perspectives that offers something we could call sacred Apocalypse? The word Apocalypse means unveiling: what unveiling of sacred consciousness could help us evolve through the current perils facing humanity?

Is there something embedded within the endangered human mythogenetic code of archetypal, mythopoetic, symbolic structures that knows how to die to  the conceptual prison of pre-ordained linear time  and be reborn into a cyclical road from Apocalypse to Genesis?

There are several names given to our times: End Times, Great Unraveling, Great Turning. I like to call it the Great Gamble. The stakes are getting higher. Rumi wrote: “Gamble everything for love, if you are a true human being.” I invite you to join me in exploring what it might look like to be a true human being who gambles everything for the love that manifests as an innate compassionate mysticism with which the human heart communicates with all there is. We’re all in this together.

Welcome to the love side of the apocalypse, if such a thing exists. We currently live in such a state of uncertainty and delusion, I won’t take it for granted that there is one, though I used to.

loved by roses